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Bop on down to Bibibop

August 1, 2017

Bibibop Asian Grill brings the bold flavors and healthy ingredients of South Korea to its new home at Sunset and Vine!

The interior of the new Bibibop Asian Grill at Sunset and Vine in Hollywood. (Courtesy photo)

Fans of Shophouse, the Asian-fusion chain from the Chipotle brand that recently shuttered, can take solace in the fact that Bibibop has taken over all 15 former Shophouse locations. Although Bibibop features some different flavors and products, the concept is very similar.

Guests begin by choosing from a base of noodles, rice, or salad; add a protein and a hot topping; then customize it with your choice of cold toppings and sauces (there are five sauces to choose from). There are also sides such as kimchi and pineapple, as well as edamame. Bibibop lets you complete your meal with complimentary miso soup!

The flavors of Bibibop Asian Grill. (Courtesy photo)

Bibibop first opened in Columbus, Ohio, in August of 2013. Inspired by bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish, the chain has expanded to nearly 30 locations across the country, including two additional locations in Los Angeles and one in Santa Monica.

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A complete meal from Bibibop Asian Grill at Sunset and Vine in Hollywood. (Courtesy Photo)

BIBIBOP Asian Grill
6333 Sunset Blvd.
(323) 462-2856

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