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Caviar Dreams Come True In Hollywood

By Joseph Mariani

August 7, 2014

Who doesn’t like a clever commercial? Whether it’s Will Ferrell having a staring contest with a horse, the Muppets taking a new Toyota Highlander for a spin, or children who let us know that “faster is better,” creative commercials can often leave us chuckling and wanting more.   Sometimes you may even think, “Who makes this stuff?”  For the answer to your question, look no further than the old Wells Fargo Building at Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street.  The building which once stored the wealth of the fourth largest bank in the country now houses some of this decade’s most creative minds at Caviar Content.

With locations in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Prague, Paris, and Hollywood, Caviar is an international production company specializing in branded content, music videos, film/TV series, and digital creations.  The company, which was established in 2004, thinks of themselves more as storytellers on a quest “to create innovative and entertaining work regardless of its borders.”  However, their creativity and innovation doesn’t just pour into their work, you can also see it in their office space.  Recently I had a chance to sit down with Jasper Thomlinson and Michael Sagol, Executive Producers/Managing Partners at Caviar Los Angeles, to talk a little about why they chose to move their company to Hollywood and of course, what did they ever see in an old bank building?

Caviar was originally located in Venice then moved to La Brea and Olympic before finding their Hollywood home in November of 2013.  “We looked everywhere,” Thomlinson says.  “But when we walked in here we just fell in love with it right away, we saw the potential. We also saw the development happening in this community and thought this is where we want to be.”


Not having much time for a build out, the company went right to work on the space and hired respected architect Bruce Bolander to make it their own.  While walking through the building you can’t help but notice the great natural light that fills its different rooms. Wood structures and modern features mixed with millennials (and a four legged friend named ‘Depot’) remind you that you are certainly not in your father’s office building…or an old Wells Fargo for that matter. “We want things a little off the beaten path,” Sagol told me. “We wanted something different, something that maybe wouldn’t necessarily be thought of as an office space.”

Currently the building can host as many as 100 employees (45 full time and up to 50 free lancers) on any given day.  The company is also turning the outdoor patio space in to a social area for employees, complete with picnic tables, ping pong, and a basketball hoop.


So why Hollywood?  Thomlinson explains, “We like this area, we looked all over and we saw the resurgence of business here and we wanted to be somewhere like this.  We take advantage too of everything around our office whether it’s grabbing a cup of coffee at ‘Commissary’ or going to the ‘ArcLight’ for a movie, the location is good.”

Sagol follows, “There really is something bubbling about this community, it’s as close to New York, you know that feel, as you can get.  The cool thing too is a lot of people we work with we’ll see walking by our office.  Actors, directors, they’re all right around our building.”

Both Sagol and Thomlinson explainedthat they are also passionate about becoming a part of Hollywood, not just from a business standpoint but from a neighborhood one as well.  Whether it’s assisting in the effort to end Homelessness in Los Angeles or helping others know how the community has changed for the better, Caviar hopes to continue to make Hollywood the focus of Los Angeles, one clever video at a time.

A member of the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance staff since 2007, Joseph Mariani has enjoyed seeing the continued positive growth in Hollywood. Serving as the BID’s Director of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development Mariani works closely with property owners, the retail and investment community, commercial real estate brokers and the city’s economic development team to implement the BID’s strategic marketing and communications blueprint.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Riverside and completed his MBA at UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business.  Mariani is an avid sports fan, loves spending time with his amazing wife, and enjoys volunteering at the Oasis of Hollywood. Check out the latest Hollywood happenings @GoodNewsJoe

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