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Dancing in the Street

January 17, 2018

As part of the Getty initiative Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, LACE presents La Pista de Baile, a participatory performance by Colectivo AM.

The four-hour dance floor, reclaiming public space, will take place from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 20, 2018 on Hudson Ave. at Hollywood Blvd. Locals DJs will be featured, including Xandao, Kelman Duran, and Metralleta De Oro.

This project reflects and rethinks how community relationships are articulated in Los Angeles by connecting communities in one collective performance. La Pista de Baile, a public invitation to dance together with local DJs, shortens geographical and cultural distances between participants. In the week before the performance, Colectivo AM will document dance steps across LA using a portable photo booth to add to the Banco Universal de Pasos, with a Living Research Station displaying the findings in LACE’s storefront at 6522 Hollywood Blvd. The completed Banco will be presented at the final performance.

La Pista de Baile will address the question of how to create community relationships that can evolve into political actions. Intended not only for mature and specialist audiences but embracing popular culture, the project will encourage a wide range of participatory and diverse publics. Colectivo AM has researched choreographic phenomena that emerge from everyday life, far from the art world, from viral videos to protests. Colectivo AM’s explorations hold the highest potential for radicalizing choreographic practice.