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Delicious Mediterranean Fare at Farida

By Esther Tseng

March 6, 2017

Everyone in Hollywood should be excited about Farida, which might be the most exciting restaurant to arrive in Hollywood in awhile. Mediterranean food is certainly the cuisine of the moment, so at first glance it might appear that the owner, George Abou-Daoud, is simply meeting audience demand. He is, but that would also be dismissing just how special Farida is.

The Mediterranean flavors at Farida are ones that George is very well acquainted with, having grown up with them. So it’s a coming home of sorts. But everyone in Hollywood is all the better for it, as Farida complements his nearby, long-standing restaurants Delancey and The Bowery.

Interior of Farida in Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

The dishes are well done, incorporating ingredients and flavors of the Middle East while utilizing Californian sensibilities. Fresh produce and sharable plate sizes work well within Farida’s well curated, perfectly sized menu. There are more vegetable dishes than meat options, putting the variety of flavors of the ingredients front and center. The majority of the food menu is $13 and under, making the restaurant a place where everyone can enjoy themselves.

Menu offerings at Farida on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

Vibrant colors line the interior of the restaurant, with colorful bar stools, patterned tile, warm hued walls and comfortable lounge and table seating. The flavors of the food are well suited to the restaurant ambiance, thanks to dishes like their fluffy lavender baghrir crepes; golden, buttery pastry pies with nabulsi cheese and sweet-earthy baby beets & freekeh with French feta and mint.

Baby Beets with french feta, freekeh, cardamom, pine nuts, lemon, local olive oil, and Persian mint at Farida in Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

As for proteins, the real shining star is the mountain prepped lamb awarma with hummus bi tahini, which is cured in olive oil for 30 days and seasoned with nut, fig and sumac, topped with lamb cracklin’s and furnished with soft egg, pickled turnip, feta, radish and beet chips. It’s only $24 yet the most expensive plate on the menu.

Mountain Prep Lamb Awarma with hummus, ​olive oil cured eggplant makdous, nut & fig medley, sumac, lamb cracklins’, soft egg, pickled turnip, feta, beet chips, herbs, and za’atar pita at Farida in Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

The drinks menu offers a variety of cocktails, beers, and red and white wines by the glass or bottle, mostly from California, France, Spain and Italy. The multiple seating options throughout the restaurant are also a welcome feature, allowing you and your friends the luxury of choosing between bar, table and lounge seating.

Farida offers great, affordable food that tastes great in just the kind of setting you prefer — without all the fuss. Whether for lunch, dinner or drinks, Farida is just the neighborhood Mediterranean restaurant you want, highlighting the best of Californian ingredients. So stop on by for a little bit or for a long, long time.

Interior of Farida in Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

6266 Sunset Blvd.

Esther Tseng is a freelance food and drink writer. She has contributed to Eater, Thrillist, LA Tourism, Visit West Hollywood, Serious Drinks, and more. She practices Pilates, spins and snowboards to counter all the calories she consumes and loves to travel, whether for work or leisure.

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