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Demitasse Now Roasting on Cahuenga

By Esther Tseng

March 15, 2016

Hollywood residents, rejoice! The brand new location of Demitasse – its fourth – is now live and boasts one of the neighborhood’s most beautiful and bustling patios on Cahuenga, a part of Space 15 Twenty. The indoor space is also inspired, thanks to clean lines, understated color motifs and plenty of natural sunlight shining through its glass walls. It’s also big enough to house the coffee shop’s very own roaster.

Demitasse is now open at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

Demitasse is now open at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

Owner Bobby Roshan has had an eye on the space since 2 years ago, and has roasted coffee beans for Amoeba, down the street, for almost a year. He’s excited to make Demitasse a true community space and has already developed relationships with the farmers at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, neighboring businesses and their owners, and is open to the idea of hosting pop-ups with artisans.

Already, the space has been popular amongst locals. Roshan describes the neighborhood as dynamic, with Hollywood creatives, techies and fans of the local food scene bringing a new kind of energy to the area, of which he’s excited to be a part. He also met his girlfriend on Cahuenga many years ago, so there’s definitely something sentimental about the street.


Demitasse features exposed brick walls and a relaxed, minimalist décor. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

Demitasse’s coffee is top-notch, and each location has its own selection of drinks and food. At this location, you’ll find your coffee drinks brewed to order, including espresso, macchiato and cappuccino. They’ve also got other interesting drinks with coffee and without, such as the delicious Blood Orange Nutmeg Latte, an Iced Minty Cubano, and a Lavender Liquid Hot chocolate. A variety of teas, hot and iced, white, black, green, and herbal also are up to snuff.

Creekstone Farms Brisket sandwich at Demitasse. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

Creekstone Farms Brisket sandwich at Demitasse. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

Food offerings are mostly geared towards breakfast and lunch, and are delicious and made with utmost care. Sweet Potato Pancakes, a Breakfast Sandwich with fried duck egg and Mortadella, and a Creekstone Farms Brisket sandwich are all great. They’ve also got Grilled Cheese, an Eggplant Torta, and more for vegetarians.

With its beautiful patio, long benches and indoor seating space, it’s easy to lounge the day away – or complete some work your laptop (yes, they have WiFi too). Demitasse’s veritable coffee, breakfast and lunch menus make this spot one of the newest and hottest daytime hangs on Cahuenga.


Demitasse features a full line of breakfast and lunch foods, as well as an assortment of coffee and non-coffee drinks. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

1542 N. Cahuenga Blvd.

Esther Tseng is a freelance food and drink writer. She has contributed to Eater, Thrillist, LA Tourism, Visit West Hollywood, Serious Drinks, and more. She practices Pilates, spins and snowboards to counter all the calories she consumes and loves to travel, whether for work or leisure.

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