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Density, Development and the Battle for Hollywood

May 7, 2015

Put in your headphones and listen to this podcast while you talk a walk (why? because walking is good for you!). Hollywood is presented as the epicenter of LA’s future – the clash between the vision of a higher density, walkable urban center – in a growing region of 14 million people – and those who hold onto the suburban dream of single family homes who seek to preserve Hollywood as a thoroughfare for traffic.

This edition of KCRW’s popular “Which Way, L.A.” series examines the future of Hollywood, stating that LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has been trying to raise height limits and increase density here since he was the area’s councilmember. However, the recent ruling that has halted, for the time being, the $1 billion Millennium Hollywood project, is another blow to the Mayor’s plan for densifying the entertainment center.

Guests include Mott Smith, Civic Enterprise; Eric Avila, UCLA; and Robert Silverstein, Silverstein Law Firm.

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