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The Future is Now: Hologram USA Hollywood

By Genie Davis

December 6, 2017

Still in soft-opening mode, the Hologram USA Theater in Hollywood has only just begun blasting viewers into the future of cinema. Open three weeks, the venue, according to founder and CEO Alki David, will have a gift store next door as well as full concessions very soon.

“We are doing a lot of live music events for television as well as daily Hologram shows to the public. It is our flagship theater for the west coast as we roll out theaters around the country,” David attests. “We have a pipeline of events planned with Universal Music Group.”

David explains that he opened the theater because he believes it’s “a whole shift in the concept of live entertainment. This is by far the most innovative tech platform for entertainment and advertising.”

David has a PhD in film sciences and attended the Royal College of Art in London receiving a master of the arts, leading to a career in film. “I’ve made and been in many movies and own the world’s biggest library of negatives and printable media,” he says. “I own streaming companies as well,” he adds.

David founded ETV Ltd. in 2007, serving as Hologram USA’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer since that time. Overall, he’s worked in the global digital media industry for over 15 years as an investor, entrepreneur and executive.

And with this experience under his belt, he saw the future as holographic.

Since 2003, Hologram USA’s parent company Anakando Ltd., owned by David, has produced over 700 successful projects in a bid to change the way viewers participate in and experience live events and communication.

While standard 3D experiences have tended to wane for theater owners and attendees, David says that Hologram USA fills the room for live action events, which are simulcast to many theaters at the same time. Essentially, the Hologram USA Hollywood theater offers real-life 3D images without glasses.

The system uses a patented projection technique, which creates the feel of a celebrity or performance being right on stage in front of the viewer.

Music fans will love that Hologram USA holds exclusive rights to holographic images and performances of artists such as Whitney Houston, The Jackson 5 hosted by Jermaine Jackson, Buddy Holly, Bernie Mac and over 25 others.

Along with creating content for Disney/ABC-TV and Universal Music Groups, the company has also pioneered with events such as the Sci-Fi Channel pilot Ghostbusters, Tupak Shakur’s holographic appearance at the Coachella Music Festival, and Fast & Furious Supercharged: Universal Studios Hollywood tram tour. Another highlight for the company was the production of the recent Mariah Carey: T-Mobile Hologram Concert, as well as Jimmy Kimmel Live: Country Music Awards Crossover. Daily live-stand-up comedy, live boxing, a burlesque “Sexy Hollywood Freak Show,” and Live MMA Cage Fighting are among the offerings the theater will be hosting, along with music concerts in partnership with Universal Music and Universal Music Latin America.

When the gift shop adjoining Hologram USA Theater is fully up and running, David promises an epic experience for visitors to the shop as well as the theater.

“We’ll have a make your own karaoke hologram experience, CBD infused products, and the usual merchandise such as T-shirts and collectibles,” he notes. The Make Your Own Hologram experience was created in partnership with the Universal Music Group. It will allow participants to choose from several exciting 3-minute interactive karaoke-like hologram events with artists that include J-Lo, Ricky Martin & Pitbull, and Mariah Carey. There will also be a variety of non-singing hologram experiences to engage with, such as tribal dancers, a contortionist, a flamenco dancer, and ballet, burlesque, and contemporary dancers.

Whether creating a hologram memory that thrills for a lifetime, or watching a holographic event on the big screen, the Hologram USA Hollywood Theater promises an innovative and unique cinematic experience for participants.

Hologram USA Theater
6656 Hollywood Blvd.

Genie Davis is a multi-published novelist and journalist, and produced screen and television writer. Passionate about everything-Los Angeles, you can see her work in the arts on her own

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