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Hollywood: The Next Frontier

By Joseph Mariani

May 28, 2014

Hollywood…the final frontier.  At least that’s what Huston Huddleston has declared.  The writer/director/Star Trek “super fan” recently announced that he has taken to Kickstarter to fund his ambitious idea of developing a Science Fiction Museum with the goal of having it be in no other place than, that’s right, Hollywood.

The dream began when Huddleston purchased the Enterprise D bridge from the set of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  Wanting to do more than just rebuild the bridge, Huddleston has hopes to create a museum experience that would not only be entertaining, but educational for audiences both young and old.  Armed with a board of directors made up of notable science fiction show contributors and a deep love for all things Sci-Fi, Huddleston has created a 501 (c)(3) non-profit to take this dream from cruise control to warp speed.

Being a lover of Sci-Fi myself, I must say that the plans for the museum are pretty amazing.  The proposed project would include a Hall of Space Ships, Hall of Robots, and a “Classic Science Fiction Cars” room which would even include such models as Doc Brown’s legendary DeLorean…1.21 Giga Watts!?!?! (see map here)

In a day and age when our educational departments are scrambling to find ways to get more students interested in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), a museum like this just may do the trick.  As the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum looks to combine technology and fiction in ways where patrons can interact with them in their favorite settings (such as the bridge), young minds are easily opened and able to explore how yes, dare I say, science can be fun.

The aspiring timeline for the museum calls for a 2015 “small opening” which would feature the completed bridge, and a small preview of the museum.  Huddleston notes on the campaign page that the tentative date for the actual museum to be completed would be sometime in 2018.  In my research I couldn’t find any details as to where specifically the museum will open, but my personal hope is that the group will locate it somewhere within our Entertainment District, say in our east of “Gower Gateway?”  With several local schools, thousands of tourists, and numerous Sci-Fi loving residents/entertainment employees in the area, placing the museum in the district could help ensure a long and loyal customer base.  As for those of you naysayers who say the museum is too much of a pipe dream, in the words of the accomplished Jean-Luc Picard…“Shut up Wesley.”

For more information on the proposed museum visit:

(Photo courtesy of The Hollywood SciFi Museum)

Joseph Mariani, a member of the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance staff since 2007, has enjoyed seeing the continued positive growth in Hollywood. Serving as the BID’s Director of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development Mariani works closely with property owners, the retail and investment community, commercial real estate brokers and the city’s economic development team to implement the BID’s strategic marketing and communications blueprint.  He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of California, Riverside and recently completed his MBA at UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business.  Mariani is an avid sports fan, loves his beautiful wife, and enjoys volunteering at the Oasis of Hollywood. Check out the latest Hollywood happenings @GoodNewsJoe


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