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Hollywood Toys & Costumes: Historic Costume Retailer Thrives on the Boulevard

By Genie Davis

December 14, 2017

Hollywood Toys & Costumes started on Hollywood Boulevard in 1950, according to social media manager and customer service representative Megan Lysholm.

Now, the renowned store is approaching 70-years in business. This longtime retailer has a diverse selection of merchandise including games, collectibles, wigs, makeup, and of course, costumes for all ages.

Hollywood Toys and Costumes is a fully-stocked, one-stop shop for all your party, holiday, and entertainment needs. (courtesy photo)

Lysholm explains “The store used to have more of a focus on toys, and we do still sell many board games, Legos, and Funko Pop figures. But we’ve shifted our focus more toward the costume aspect of our store.”

Board games for sale at Hollywood Toys & Costumes. (courtesy photo)

The reason for the shift is due to a variety of elements, Lysholm says, including the increased popularity of Halloween celebrations. “Halloween wasn’t what it was today back in 1950,” she notes. “Also, this location has become a mecca for costumes, props and accessories. We’re known for providing anything relating to costuming for filming in the area.”

Because of the new Star Wars film coming out, the most popular items in the store right now are – no surprise – Star Wars costumes.  While the store offers a full range of character ensembles, space adventure attire is not the only current favorite. “We also find ugly holiday sweaters and Santa costumes to be extremely popular this season,” Lysholm said. Additionally, the store carries more obscure holiday costumes, such as those from A Christmas Story, costumes which are also proving popular.

Star Wars costumes available at Hollywood Toys and Costumes. (courtesy photo)

During the busy Halloween season, the store sells many traditional costumes such as zombies and vampires, but has also see a large rise in super hero costumes, based in part on Marvel and DC comics and their increased traction in recent films.

In the toy category, Funko pop figures depict popular characters of all different types, from wrestlers to film characters such as those in Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Secret Life of Pets. Funco creates a series of figures that are highly coveted as collectors’ items. “They’ve really exploded for us in recent years. They make good holiday gifts, too,” Lysholm says.

Along with these top-selling choices, there are also some incredibly unique items available at Hollywood Toys & Costumes. “We have some collector costumes such as molded armor for knight costumes, and some custom Star Wars costumes, the types of items that your regular Halloween store just won’t stock,” Lysholm asserts. The store also carries props, masks, lingerie, and even party supplies.

And also unlike standard Halloween shops, Hollywood Toys & Costumes is open year ‘round, despite the common misconception that they close seasonally. “We are very much here all year long, with items that work well for events every month of the year,” Lysholm explains.

And besides the items that they carry, the store offers something else to customers: a complete experience that includes helping shoppers to find costumes, get fittings, and even receive additional costuming services. “We have make-up artists and wig stylists in the store. “We have people working here who know elements of the industry that you just wouldn’t get any other place,” Lysholm says.

Wigs, and wig stylists are available at Hollywood Toys and Costumes. (courtesy photo)

The result: the perfect look, and lots of fun achieving it.

Hollywood Toys & Costumes
6600 Hollywood Blvd.
(323) 464-4444

Genie Davis is a multi-published novelist and journalist, and produced screen and television writer. Passionate about everything-Los Angeles, you can see her work in the arts on her own

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