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Hustler Hollywood Comes Home

By Kim Sudhalter

April 4, 2016

In 1998, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt bought a building on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and established the first of 16 Hustler Hollywood adult-themed stores throughout the U.S. In August of 2014, the company announced that it had sold the West Hollywood building and would be moving its iconic store to Hollywood Boulevard. And so, on April 9th Hustler Hollywood will officially open in its new flagship location at 6540 Hollywood Boulevard in a star-studded Grand Opening featuring an appearance by Flynt himself (the store is currently having a soft-opening).

Hollywood GO Flyer

The brand decided to move to Hollywood Blvd. for a variety of reasons. They wanted to be close to a lot of nightlife and foot traffic, said a spokeswoman for the company. According to Flynt, “the growth and development in Hollywood has been incredible to witness, and we look forward to being a part of this vibrant community, easily accessible to both tourists and locals.” He continued, “I think people who come to this iconic neighborhood from all over the world will be excited when they visit our new store and see what the Hustler Hollywood shopping experience is all about.”

The new 6000 square-foot retail space will offer an even wider selection of toys, sportswear, apparel, lingerie, shoes and Hollywood-centric branded souvenirs than the original Hustler Hollywood store. Continued the spokeswoman, “Adult product will always be our main focus, but we are adding in more apparel and other Hustler-branded items for the Hollywood Blvd. location. Tourists love coming to the Hustler stores when they visit a market where we have one and are always looking for anything with the name “Hustler” on it. We are anticipating quite a few tourists will stop by the new store and we will be stocked up for them.”

Hustler Hollywood is well-known for holding events and workshops that entertain and educate the public on all things sexy. The new store will host monthly workshops with sexperts, events with some of the store’s most popular vendors and signings with adult entertainment stars.

As for the Sunset Strip location, it will remain open for immediate future until the site becomes home to the private membership Arts Club. The exclusive London Arts Club was founded in 1863 by Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope and others as a meeting place for those involved in the creative arts. Gywneth Paltrow, a partner in the West Hollywood Club, will reportedly be involved in operating the new location.

Hustler Hollywood
6540 Hollywood Blvd.

Kim Sudhalter has worked with the Hollywood Entertainment District since its early years, helping to attract investment and revitalize the area. Originally from Europe and New York, she is an architecture and history buff who has a deep and abiding love for Hollywood and its past.

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