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By Devin Strecker

June 16, 2014

Want to make sure your next trip to Hollywood is a breeze?  Get advanced notifications of street closures, blocked sidewalk, and construction zones by visiting – now part of the Only in Hollywood website!  You can sign up to receive text and/or e-mail alerts whenever there will be a street closure in downtown Hollywood.

The Hollywood Street Closure Committee meets monthly in cooperation with Council District 13 to review all applications for street closures, whether they be for movies, special events, construction zones, first amendment marches, or any other reason.

The board of the HPOA is represented on the committee, and adheres to its adopted policy with regards to street closures, which states (in part):

  • It is acknowledged that the Hollywood Entertainment District, in general, and Hollywood Boulevard, in particular, are viewed as desirable venues for a host of special events, such as movie premieres, film festivals, parades, street festivals, athletic events, first amendment events, televised events, concerts, private parties, film shoots, charitable benefits and grand-opening events.
  • The HPOA will generally support street closures for the following types of events:  Events which have been historically staged on Hollywood Boulevard, for which there is a historical precedent (examples: Christmas parade, movie premieres, Academy Awards).
  • In planning and executing these events, the HPOA expects that event proponents will make every reasonable effort to minimize the impact of the closure on the community; reduce the length of the closure by consolidating set-up time; optimize communication to all affected parties and follow all city requirements regarding fees, permits, notification and public input.


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