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Step Into a Time Warp at Paley

By Esther Tseng

June 10, 2016

Paley, the breathtaking new restaurant in the bustling Columbia Square, is now open and is the first West Coast opening from the Plan Do See restaurant group. The interior stylings are quintessential Midcentury Modern, with blue, orange and gold hues accented by oak wood throughout. There’s an elegance to dining here, with rounded edges, brown leather booths and close-knit, vertical lines being a hallmark.

Named after the legendary CBS CEO William Paley and his wife Babe, the space is an ode to Hollywood’s early radio roots inside the historic 1930s building, which actually used to house the TV and radio station. Chef Greg Bernhardt incorporates all the multicultural influences of Los Angeles while still maintaining a cohesiveness across his menu.

Now open for brunch, lunch and dinner, Paley is a great restaurant for any time of day – imparting a lot of natural sunlight during the day, and an opulent atmosphere at night. The beautiful bar in the front is definitely worth a pre-meal cocktail – or two – as it’s a masterpiece in itself. Of course, the dining area is just as gorgeous if you’d rather get right down to it.

You’ll probably want to start off with a selection of crudo from their raw bar, whether it be scallops, hamachi, or albacore, as they’re always topped off with the right amount of citrus and interesting sprouts. Pastas are made in-house, perfect for a flavor-filled and tender second course.

Raw bar crudo from Paley Hollywood. (photo by Esther Tseng)

Raw bar crudo from Paley Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

You’ll also find delicious, wood-roasted selections with smokey notes in a few of the dishes, reminiscent of the appetizing scent you smelled when you first walked in the door. And while the culinary influences are global, the ingredients are locally sourced, ensuring that each dish is not only beautiful, but fresh and delicious. Paley’s menu is well-curated, with just the right variety of proteins on offer while still being manageable.

A trio of dishes from Paley Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

A trio of dishes from Paley Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

While there are a few solid cocktails available, Paley has an extensive wine list with a decent number of wines available by the glass – something you’ll want to take advantage of as far as pairing with your food. The service is always on point, as well, with a team effort ensuring that all your needs are taken care of in a prompt fashion.

Also, don’t forget dessert – order the Popcorn Ice Cream and Green Tea Calamansi Vacherin. The former will bring you straight to your favorite movie theatre – but with mind-blowing refreshments, and the latter is like a cross-textural, citrus punch in the mouth you never knew you craved.


Popcorn Ice Cream at Paley Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)


Green Tea Calamansi Vacherin at Paley Hollywood. (Photo by Esther Tseng)

In all, Paley is beautifully delicious all-around but also inventive with all the global influences it ushers in. A meal here is almost like stepping into a time warp but while enjoying the best of today’s exciting food. You’ll want to make your reservation pronto.

Paley Hollywood
6115 Sunset Blvd.

Esther Tseng is a freelance food and drink writer. She has contributed to Eater, Thrillist, LA Tourism, Visit West Hollywood, Serious Drinks, and more. She practices Pilates, spins and snowboards to counter all the calories she consumes and loves to travel, whether for work or leisure.

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