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Pig ‘n Whistle Gets a New Look

By Kim Sudhalter

September 15, 2015

“This is my legacy,” owner Chris Breed says proudly, standing in front of the Pig ‘n Whistle’s newly refurbished entrance. Known for having created some of LA’s most successful restaurants and nightclubs (including The Roxbury, Sunset Room, White Lotus, Cabana Club, Green Door and La Vida), Breed is most excited about what he has been able to do with this little gem of Hollywood’s past since he discovered it hiding under decades worth of neglect more than 16 years ago.

The newly refurbished entrance to Pig ‘n Whistle on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (courtesy photo)

Breed and his partner, Allan Hajjar, made news around the world when they reopened the Hollywood Boulevard Pig ‘n Whistle, once the crown jewel in a chain of ice cream shops across Southern California, in 2001. They found the remains of the original restaurant hidden under drop ceilings and false walls and faithfully recreated the eatery using old photographs and the memories of former patrons as their guides.

But there were aspects of the restaurant that Breed has wanted to refine over the years, so he recently undertook another renovation that has brought the restaurant even closer to his vision of what he wants it to be. “I created this restaurant for the community,” Breed said. “I wanted it to be a place where locals and tourists feel comfortable hanging out, having a beer or watching a game…a place where my kids could enjoy coming along with all their friends and neighbors.”

To that end, he redesigned the front patio, which he felt created a dividing line between the street and the bar, so that it would be more interactive. Lower wood walls have replaced higher iron railings and two-story windows that fold back completely create an airy, sidewalk-dining feel. The interior glass windows have been taken out and replaced with new booth seating that offers diners more options for relaxing and people watching. Heavy wood and glass doors have also been replaced with a set of antique doors that were salvaged from a 200-year-old chapel in France. The result is a much more European, pub feel.

Inside, the renovations continue. A new spiral staircase at the back of the main dining room leads to an elegant lounge area, overlooking the action. The lounge can be used for quiet canoodling, or converted into a space for private parties or luncheons.

The upstairs "VIP room" at Pig 'n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

The upstairs “VIP room” at Pig ‘n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

On the lower right hand side of the dining room is a photo booth disguised as a church confession booth, with the words “I Confess…” glowing in neon script above the curtained doorway. This gives away Pig ‘n Whistle’s secret, which is that on weekend nights the whole bar converts into a high-end nightclub called “Confession.”

The confession photobooth at Pig 'n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

The confession photobooth at Pig ‘n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

Traveling down the back hall, illuminated by rows of flickering votive candles, you come across Pig’n Whistle’s back room that has been renovated into an upscale hangout. Sporting its own address, 1666 McCadden, this sexy bar can accommodate all kinds of special occasions, from private company functions to musical performances to big celebrations of up to 300 people. It has its own smoking patio off the back, and a private entrance and parking area (that can be converted to party space) on the McCadden side.

The back entrance to Pig 'n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

The back entrance to Pig ‘n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

The back bar at Pig 'n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

The back bar at Pig ‘n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

Along with all of the physical alterations, the menu has changed as well. The new menu offers a much wider selection of healthy dining options (including a variety of new salads), along with the more traditional sandwiches, entrees and pub fare the Pig ‘n Whistle is known for. The restaurant offers breakfast from opening till 5p each day, and Happy Hour from 3-6p, Monday-Friday where you can try the British Trio—Shepherd’s Pie, Fish & Chips or Bangers & Mash minis at the unbeatable price of $5 each.

Confession in full swing at Pig 'n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

Confession in full swing at Pig ‘n Whistle. (courtesy photo)

So, if you’ve never been, or haven’t stopped by in a while, come visit the Pig ‘n Whistle… one of Hollywood’s true treasures where the past, present and future converge into a one-of-a-kind dining experience that is not to be missed.

Pig ‘n Whistle
6714 Hollywood Blvd.

Kim Sudhalter has worked with the Hollywood Entertainment District since its early years, helping to attract investment and revitalize the area. Originally from Europe and New York, she is an architecture and history buff who has a deep and abiding love for Hollywood and its past.

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