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Could Rock of Ages Return to Hollywood?

January 24, 2018

Rock of Ages is a Tony-nominated, hit Broadway musical which spawned a 2012 feature film adaptation, with fans all over the world. But it started as a little show on Hollywood Boulevard back in 2006 at the Vanguard (now Create) nightclub.

After going around the world, the creator and producer, Matt Weaver, announced plans this month to bring the show back to Los Angeles – specifically looking for a venue in Hollywood.

“Rock of Ages was born and bred in a bar on Hollywood Boulevard and its storyline is about the city and the dreams people come here with. We are thrilled to return home to Los Angeles. We think it’s a great theatre town and we’re willing to bet on it, ” Weaver told Broadway World. “We want to present a special homecoming sit – down production of the Broadway musical featuring an immersive experience where theatergoers can eat and drink before, during and after the show. We hope to create the same vibe of all the classic music venues on the Sunset Strip.”

Listed as the 28th longest running show in Broadway History, the show has grossed over $125 million, and has played in London, Mexico City, Melbourne, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Seoul and many other cities.

Weaver is looking for commercial space that can accommodate performances with audiences of up to 500, as well as a bar/restaurant facility. If you have a property that fits this bill, please contact the BID office at 323-463-6767 or e-mail


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