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Scot Nery’s Boobie Trap: A Variety Show to End All Variety Shows

By Genie Davis

August 31, 2017

Hollywood Boulevard has long been home to popular entertainment, from film premieres to street performers. But the busy Boulevard has never seen anything quite like the cornucopia of variety acts in Scot Nery’s exuberant show, Boobie Trap.

The 90-minute variety extravaganza runs every Wednesday night in the heart of Old Hollywood. Nery says he loves his show’s new home.

“I first started the show in May 2015. My friend had a giant warehouse in Echo Park and it was supposed to be torn down in a matter of weeks. I thought we’d do a few shows there, but it proved to be extremely popular and extremely fun. It took them a year to kick us out, and by the time the year was up, Boobie Trap was a juggernaut. Had to keep it going, so we moved to West Adams.”

While Nery enjoyed the location at West Adams’ restaurant Fais Do Do, he says “nothing compares” to Hollywood.

“When the Houston Brothers invited us to use their space, we leapt,” he asserts. “From the start our goals have been to take care of the audiences and the entertainers, constantly caring about mutually beneficial choices. Moving to Hollywood meant easier access, a safer neighborhood, better drinks, being in arms-reach of food and stuff, and a venue that’s a little tighter and better for comedy.”

Scot Nery’s Boobie Trap in Hollywood features a variety of performers, from circus acts to magicians, musicians and comedians. (Photo by Richard Michael Johnson)

He’s also looking at expanding his audience. “Hopefully we’ll be able to better tap into tourism and learn how that works, so we can sell out every show – although the audiences have already been a great size.”

Nery says what’s most unique about his show is the large number of exciting entertainers available, plus the fact that, “the audiences are weird. Boobie Trap couldn’t be done in any other city besides Los Angeles. In many other big cities, people are used to going out to shows, but L.A. is just learning what good live entertainment is. Audiences like a certain combination of aggressiveness and sweetness, and that’s what we give them.”

Named “The Best Variety Show in L.A.” this year by Los Angeles Magazine, the show features world-class stars of cirque, magic, music, comedy, and more.

Scot Nery’s Boobie Trap is now playing in the heart of Old Hollywood each Wednesday night. (Photo by Richard Michael Johnson)

“Each Wednesday we feature about 15 acts in 90 minutes. It’s fast-paced with an emphasis on fun. There’s no age limit, but there is adult content,” Nery explains.

Each performer gets four minutes to showcase their act before it’s on to the next one, making the show fresh and fast-paced. There’s something for everyone in the show.

“This is the first variety show that I’ve produced, but I’ve been performing professionally since age 11. I have produced two one-man shows, a live on-stage cooking show, a slapstick convention, a web series, an open mic, and a few commercials.  In between these things, I’ve performed in every venue imaginable including on the streets, in 15,000-seat amphitheaters, church basements, and bowling alleys.”

Each performance of Scot Nery’s Boobie Trap is unique and features about 15 acts. (Photo by Richard Michael Johnson)

The now 36-year-old veteran performer says he’s in it for the thrill.

“When I was a kid in Ohio, we would go sled riding. I just liked building ramps for people to launch off. I wanted to geek out on making them the perfect steepness and the perfect height so they were the most fun. I sat for hours shoveling, piling and smoothing to get them just right for the maximum enjoyment of others,” he relates. “I’ve been doing that kind of thing ever since. Scot Nery’s Boobie Trap is just the next ramp that I’m offering to anyone who wants to have fun and maybe pee themselves a little,” he laughs.

Boobie Trap performances take place at 6555 Hollywood Blvd. The show starts at 8 p.m., Wednesday evenings. He offers both six-pack season passes and individual show tickets.

Visit for tickets.

Some of the many performers involved with Scot Nery’s Boobie Trap, showing each Wednesday evening in Hollywood. (Photo by Richard Michael Johnson)

Genie Davis is a multi-published novelist and journalist, and produced screen and television writer. Passionate about everything-Los Angeles, you can see her work in the arts on her own

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