Sunset & Vine District



The Sunset & Vine Business Improvement District (BID) is a five-year, property-based BID that spans 15 blocks along the world-renowned Sunset Boulevard, from roughly Schrader Boulevard on the west to the 101 Freeway on the east. Reestablished in 2006, the SVBID is composed of approximately 150 property owners and 276 parcels.

Sunset Boulevard, the focal point of the SVBID, has been central to the entertainment industry for nearly a century. It has inspired numerous songs, television shows and movies; and at one time or another has played host to nearly every radio station in Los Angeles.


Today, Sunset Boulevard, along with the entirety of the SVBID, is reclaiming its status as the epicenter of the entertainment industry. The SVBID is undergoing an exciting transformation into a vibrant district, complete with movie and television studios, post-production companies, production-related services, art-based schools, cinemas, cafes and sophisticated apartments. New developments, combined with the rehabilitation of old buildings, is helping to create a stylish, yet casual neighborhood, where the streets buzz ’round the clock with entertainment seekers, students, residents and business professionals.

The Central Hollywood Coalition, the non-profit organization that oversees the SVBID, manages a budget of $1.49 million annually, to fund a security program, street cleaning services, streetscape beautification, homeless outreach and marketing. These funds are made possible by the BID property owners that pay a yearly assessment.

Map of the Sunset and Vine Business Improvement District


Map of Sunset & Vine Business Improvement District

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