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The Record Parlour: Epicenter of #OIH2015

By Esther Tseng

November 4, 2015

The two-year-old, multi-level Record Parlour on Selma just west of Cahuenga was a shop started by Chris Honetschlaeger and Chadwick Hemus. It espouses a warm, vintage feel, which is fitting since the music store specializes in pre-digital formats while peddling vintage audio gear, rare jukeboxes and valuable memorabilia.

With a collection of over 15,000 records, Record Parlor features titles that are old, not-so-old and current, so you’re bound to find more records and cassette tapes than you’ll know what to do with. Not sure if you really want a certain title? Use their listening station.

Don’t miss the video games, posters, magazines and other unique memorabilia for sale, either. The place is worth hours of browsing.

They also have a repair shop, in which they’ll fix your wares, and they have a selection of gear that is for rent, for your short-term audiophile or event needs.

The Record Parlor also regularly holds events like sales – including free records with purchase – as well as in-store live music performances by up-and-coming as well as established artists on their stage. Their stage is one of the venues for this weekend’s Only in Hollywood Music + Arts Festival, with the diverse program having been curated by Andrew Purcell.

“The artists we selected for this years inaugural festival originated from a variety of sources that included a vast array of artist submissions, countless hours of research and Record Parlour regulars that we feel really exemplify the local music scene here in Hollywood,” Purcell said.

“The exciting part about the artists performing at The Record Parlour & The Americana Lounge is that each set will be unique to their own – from Folk to Jazz to Blues and Metal, we’ve curated a 4 day line-up that will resonate with everyone from the average listener to the savviest music aficionado.”

So stop in and take a gander at The Record Parlour, whether during the festival or afterwards. Chances are you’ll be returning again and again.

Here’s the lineup for The Record Parlour and The American Lounge’s live performances during #OIH2015:

Thursday, November 5
7:00 The Big Bang @ Americana Lounge
8:00 Jon Cresswell @ Record Parlour
9:00 French Cassette @ Americana Lounge
10:00 Castro @ Record Parlour 
11:00 DJ Chadwick @ Record Parlour

Friday, November 6
6:00 Bombon @ Record Parlour
8:00 A Million Billion Dying Suns @ Record Parlour
9:00 Jared James Nichols @ Americana Lounge
10:00 Midnight Spaghetti and the Chocolate G Strings @ Record Parlour
11:00 DJ Funkenstein @ Record Parlour

Saturday, November 7
12:00 Gregory and the Melody @ Record Parlour
1:00 Rabyt  @ Americana Lounge
2:00 Laura Jean Anderson @ Record Parlour
4:00 Kid Bloom @ Record Parlour
5:00 Alyeska @ Americana Lounge
6:00 Miles Tackett @ Record Parlour
8:00 Midnight Spaghetti @ Americana Lounge
9:00 Rob Stone @ Record Parlour
10:00 Barbarian Overlords @ Record Parlour
11:00 DJ Bikini Kutz @ Record Parlour

Sunday, November 8
12:00 Devin Trait and The Traitors @ Record Parlour
2:00 Connect Band @ Record Parlour
3:00 Darden Sisters @ Americana Lounge
4:00 Jesse MacLeod @ Record Parlour
5:00 Emily Zuzik @ Americana Lounge
6:00 Banquet @ Record Parlour
7:00 Brooklyn Pets @ Record Parlour
8:00 Le Swish @ Americana Lounge
9:00 Space Lemon @ Record Parlour

Esther Tseng is a freelance food and drink writer. She has contributed to Eater, Thrillist, LA Tourism, Visit West Hollywood, Serious Drinks, and more. She practices Pilates, spins and snowboards to counter all the calories she consumes and loves to travel, whether for work or leisure.

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