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Virtual Room: The Ultimate Team-Based VR Experience

January 16, 2018

Virtual Room Hollywood is a brand new attraction, as the US’s first team-based virtual reality experience. Originating in France, Virtual Room is quickly expanding across the globe. Exhilarating and mind-blowing, Virtual Room Hollywood brings the biggest global entertainment trend to Hollywood.

Strap on a headset — HTC Vive, to be exact — grab your closest friends or colleagues and immerse yourself in fantastical worlds at Virtual Room Hollywood. (Courtesy photo)

“Virtual Room Hollywood is being introduced to US audiences in the entertainment capital of the world,” said Gilles Amsallem, partner and chief operating officer of Virtual Room USA. “LA has always been at the intersection of entertainment and technology, and Virtual Room Hollywood adds to that narrative as the future of VR.”

The staff of the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance (HPOA) was excited to experience Virtual Room themselves on January 16.

Simple, beautiful, and limitless, Virtual Room Hollywood brings you into the future of virtual reality. (Courtesy photo)

“The Virtual Room was easily the most fun I had had in a while!” Rich Sarian, incoming operations manager, said. “Being transported with your friends and figuring out each scenario is out of this world! The Virtual Room is more than a virtual excape room, it is like actually being in a video game. It will definitely excite you and your inner child/gamer!”

The crew from HPOA was able to successfully complete the game, tackling four “alternative worlds to repair the temporal rift in the time-space continuum that might end humanity.” They found it to be the perfect team building exercise, as your success in the Virtual Room depends on collaboration, not competition.

“The Virtual Room provides a fully-immersive game playing experience,” Matthew Severson, outgoing operations manager, said. “Not only are you ‘wowed’ by the fantasy scenarios, you are challenged by the tactical gameplay of strategy. An interactive game of fun in which you play side-by-side with your teammates. What an amazing experiences teleporting into an alternate world of reality with friends!”

Using HTC Vive untethered headsets and proprietary software developed exclusively for Virtual Room by Paris-based Monsieur K, players enjoy a steady, seamless VR experience at Virtual Room Hollywood. (Courtesy photo)

While most VR experiences only allow one person to play for 2 to 10 minutes, at Virtual Room Hollywood, you can stay “out there” for longer: up to 45 minutes. Also unique is the team immersion with up to four friends, from tweens to septuagenarians, so you can build lasting memories with your team. And, unlike other VR experiences, you’ll feel great, free of motion sickness, as you move in real-time in your own 100 square feet of dedicated space.

Open seven days a week, hours vary from 10 am to midnight. The regular rate is $35; discounted to $28 Mon-Fri before 6:00 p.m. Bookings can be made online.

Virtual Room Hollywood
6434 Hollywood Blvd.

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